When is it the Time to Call an Emergency Plumber?

Not every plumbing problem qualifies as a situation for an emergency plumber but there are plenty that do. Water, when left to run and drain where it’s not supposed to, can leave a tremendous impact on your home. Floor and ceiling damage can be sustained in relatively little time, resulting in outrageously expensive fixes later. And then, of course, there’s the issue of mold. You want to avoid these problems from cropping up, but you’re not sure if what you’re facing is an actual emergency.

While you can certainly call and get an estimate for a project to be completed at a later date, some circumstances demand to be fixed right now. Read on to learn what does dictate a plumbing emergency, so that you can call your emergency plumber as soon as you realize what’s going on.

Your Water Heater is Giving You Too Much Pressure

While a leaking water heater is not an uncommon occurrence, the problem can actually shift the other way as well. When there is a problem with the water heater’s valve, it can cause far too much pressure to build up inside of the tank. If the temperature inside of the tank soars over 140 degrees, this introduces new and ever-building pressure that can cause the heater to burst.

If the valve controlling the pressure inside of your tank is broken or the water pressure has skyrocketed without you doing anything to prompt it, it’s best to call an emergency plumber. You should, specifically, call someone with an expertise in water heater repair.

You’re Seeing Water Where You Shouldn’t See Water

If your basement is suddenly getting awfully damp or you’re noticing wet spots coming from within your walls or ceiling, you may have a burst pipe. This needs to be addressed immediately, as this type of leakage can cause your home to sustain heavy water damage.

You can also discern if you have a burst pipe by trying to run all of the faucets in your home, one at a time. If one isn’t getting any water to come out at all, chances are the water is being redirected through the hole caused by the pipe’s bursting.

Your Water Isn’t Running Clear

We often take the water that runs out of our taps for granted. That is, until the water suddenly stops being clear. Then, it becomes an emergency. We need healthy, clear water to drink, cook with, wash our clothes, and shower in. If the water coming out of any faucet is anything less than crystal-clear, there’s a problem that needs to be solved.

If the water is blue or green in tint, there could be a corrosion issue within your pipes. If the water is coming out as more of a rusty color, iron could be depositing into the water or there may be an issue with your water heater. Because clean water is such a vital necessity, anything that compromises your ability to safely use it qualifies as an emergency.

An Emergency Plumber Can Save the Day, in a Big Way

You might see a leak from a burst pipe and think that it could be handled another day, but you shouldn’t wait. In fact, the longer you do wait to address these problems, the worse they can get. This results in bigger headaches, larger repair bills, and even health issues like the growth of mold within your walls. Call an emergency plumber at the first sight of these issues to nip it in the bud and save yourself some valuable time and money.



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