Water Line Repair: What to Do When a Pipe Bursts

Few things are a greater bane to a homeowner’s existence than a burst pipe. These incidents, while they can happen year-round, are called into water line repair specialists with greater frequency in winter. Water that’s become frozen inside of water lines puts immense pressure on the pipes and without proper winterization techniques, can cause them to burst.

When this happens, don’t even think about taking a do-it-yourself approach to remedying the problem. Instead, you need to call a plumber with experience in water line repair. But first, there are some steps that you can take before turning the job over to the professionals.

Turn off the Water Main (and Maybe the Electricity, Too)

You should know where your main water shut-off valve is located in your home. Go there and turn the water off. If you’re not sure where to find the valve, look by your water heater and in crawl spaces in your basement, as basements are where these valves are most commonly located. If you cannot find it inside of your house, you may have to go outside and look for it.

If there is any possibility that water leakage caused by the burst pipe has reached any electrical outlets in your home, it’s the wisest move to shut off the electricity in your home as well.

Drain Your Faucets

To alleviate the remaining pressure inside of your pipes and to ensure that there is no leftover water to freeze inside of them, run your taps and flush your toilets to drain your plumbing system. Start by draining the cold water from your plumbing first. After that, turn off your water heater and drain your pipes of hot water next.

Encourage the Circulation of Warm Air

Wherever the damaged pipe is, try to encourage greater flow of warm air into the area. If the pipe that burst was under a cabinet, open up the cabinet doors to let the heat in. You might want to crank up the thermostat. If the electricity in your home hasn’t been compromised, you could also consider pointing a space heater or even a handheld hair dryer toward the area.

Take Pictures

Eventually you will be making a call to your insurance company to get this matter addressed. You will want photographic evidence of not only the burst pipe, but of whatever possessions you have that may have been damaged in the aftermath. Your insurance company will take this information into consideration when deciding how much of the water line repair bill they will be footing for you.

Do Your Best to Clean up the Mess

Towels and mops may be enough to get the water wicked away from the site of the burst, but large pools of water might require something like a ShopVac to remove the water from the area. You do not want to let water remain anywhere in your home that it doesn’t belong. Neglecting this step can lead to issues with mildew and mold.

Call a Water Line Repair Expert

A burst pipe is a big deal, one that should be addressed strictly by the professionals. While you are waiting for help to arrive, conduct the steps above. But after turning off your water’s main supply, call Ridgeway Mechanical to get us on the scene! Our team of experienced water line repair and plumbing experts will get your plumbing system into like-new condition once again.



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