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Tankless water heaters

Tankless hot water heater – New Kid in the Bathroom

Although most of us are pretty familiar with the old-fashioned tank-based water heaters, the old system has limitations. First of all, it has about only ten years lifespan, with a limited warranty. Since the technology is a bit old, there have been complaints about the heating elements and other parts of the unit can get clogged with grime and corrosion, leading to higher heating costs and poor performance.

A conventional tank-based water heater has a sizeable tank-based reservoir (capacity 36-60 gallons) depending on the size of your household. The water in the pool gets heated as per your preferred temperature and held in the insulated tank subsequently, ready to be used on-demand. The water heater keeps consuming the power, even if you are not using the hot water stored there.

As per the recent survey by the US Department of Energy, domestic water heaters consume about 18% of your monthly electricity usage, only next to your HVAC systems which consume almost 48% of the power. As every one of you are keen to reduce domestic power consumption and pay less electricity bill, a tankless water heater becomes your obvious choice.

Enter Tankless hot water heater

Tankless water heaters in the USA are growing in popularity as individual consumers realize the cost-saving and efficiency aspects of the new technology and the advantage of moving away from conventional, tank-based water heaters. The new technology-driven tankless water heater maintenance cost is relatively much lower. All you require is to have a competent vendor familiar with tankless water heater installation in Atlanta, service the new technology and look after the tankless water heater repair in Atlanta in case of contingency.

Tankless Water Heater Repair in Atlanta

Tankless water heaters are still fancy in the USA market, but it is vouge in European Union countries and far eastern countries in Asia. The tankless water heater comes in a convenient size, apt for smaller spaces. The unit looks attractive like a small suitcase, and installations are pretty convenient. All you need is a vendor who knows about the technology and can help you with tankless water heater repair services in Atlanta city ( if the need arises) .

Atlanta, USA’s most populous city, is bustling with business. After a long day of business, you need a hot water bath to recharge your battery once you are back home. A tankless water heater becomes an obvious choice for most residents as it is essential to everyday comfort. Tankless water heaters come in different capacities and designs to match your home décor. But like any other plumbing fixtures, water heaters don’t last forever, and periodically you need maintenance and repair jobs, depending upon the usage. Should there be any such contingency, you can call Ridgeway Mechanical plumbing phone no 678-498-5975, the plumbing company with an impressive track record and considered to be the best vendor for tankless water heater repair in Atlanta,

Why Ridgeway Mechanical plumbing?

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Ridgeway Mechanical provides top-notch water heater repair services in Atlanta and works seven days a week to service the city customers. Our skilled plumbers are trained professionals with many years of experience. We keep imparting the knowledge about the latest technology, use of the latest tools and customer handling on site. Our friendly and efficient customer service personnel extend you the highest quality service at the most reasonable rates. Depending on the job performed, a warranty backs all of our work, ranging from one to ten years.