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Bathroom And Plumbing Repairs

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Bathroom And Plumbing Repairs

Bathroom remodeling and additions are becoming more and more popular due to the overwhelming desire of many homeowners to create a custom look to their living spaces. Remodeling can consist of simply re-facing a bathroom, adding a small half-bath, or even adding complete, custom bathrooms equipped with saunas, rain showers, custom lavatories, and high-grade toilets. This process can take anywhere from a couple of days up to several weeks depending on the complexity of the plumbing remodel desired, and prices will follow suit from inexpensive to outrageous.The most common type of bathroom remodeling involves simply replacing the plumbing fixtures in the bathroom to give it a more modern look while improving function. This is the most cost-effective route if one is simply seeking to update an older design. Some homeowners choose to take it a step further, relocating plumbing fixtures and sometimes enlarging a shower or adding another lavatory. This process usually involves replacements of older plumbing fixtures as well. Then there is the addition. Any homeowners want another bathroom installed in the home, usually in the basement. Sometimes only a half-bath is desired, with a toilet and sink.

Often, a complete setup is the goal, with a toilet, sink(s), and a tub or shower (or both). In either situation, water lines and drainage must be located in the surrounding area, then accessed and tapped to supply the new bathroom with each. Often an ejector pump system (See” Ejector Pumps” section) is necessary to facilitate drainage in the new bathroom. The area for the new bathroom must be measured, framed, and prepped, none of which a plumber is responsible for. After completing these steps, the drainage is installed, along with the waterlines. These are stubbed up and capped. It is at this point that flooring, walls, and lighting is installed. The fixture installations are the last step in the process, completing the bathroom.

Bathroom Sink & Faucet Installation and Repairs in Atlanta

All sinks in your home have some sort of faucet attached. Single handle or two handles, faucets are the outlets of fresh water inside the house. They come in hundreds of different styles, finishes, sizes, and shapes. Your kitchen, bathroom sink (lavatories), and utility sinks all require a faucet for operation, and we service and install them ALL.

Homeowners replace faucets for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes faucets begin to drip after many years. Some corrode and rust. Some crack or break. Other times homeowners become tired of their current faucets and want to update the look of their kitchens and bathrooms. In 99% of new faucet installations, we recommend that you go out and purchase the faucet of your choice. This is because there are SO MANY different styles of faucets on the market that if we were to simply pick one up for you, the odds of us getting the one you want are slim to none.

Buying one yourself guarantees that you will get exactly what you are looking for, and seeing as how our prices rarely change due to the model or brand, your installation fees remain consistent. Fees only differ for lavatory and kitchen faucets. During the installation process, we will remove and dispose of your old faucet, and install your new unit, ensuring that everything functions properly before we leave. Labor warranty is our standard 12-month, with the faucet’s warranty depending on the manufacturer.

Not all faucet problems require complete replacement of the entire assembly. In many instances, we can make small repairs to the faucet’s internal components to stop leaks or other problems. The replacement of small parts such as washers, springs, and cartridges can be a less expensive alternative to complete faucet replacement, sometimes halving the total cost to you. Often simply repairing the existing faucet will give you many more years of reliable service without incident. No matter what make or model, style or finish, we service all faucets and can find almost any part required to complete the job. As always, all faucet repairs carry our 12-month warranty. Faucet replacements carry this, as well as the manufacturer’s warranty on the faucet itself (usually ten years or lifetime).

Tub or Shower Valves Installation and Repairs in Atlanta

Tub and shower valves, although hidden in the wall, are an integral parts of a home’s plumbing and comfort systems. Controlling the flow and temperature of water coming from the tub spout or shower head, tub and shower valves reside behind the sheetrock, tile, or fiberglass in your tubs and showers. Consisting of a primary valve body through which water flows, the valve is controlled by the handle(s) in your tub or shower, allowing the user to control all aspects of water flow. Some valves supply water to only a showerhead, as in stand-alone shower set-ups, or to both the shower head and tub spout, as seen in tub/shower combos. Tub and shower valves can be single, double, or triple handle set-ups, each with their own design options.

Three-handle tub and shower valves are not as common as they once were but are still found in a large number of homes. The two outside handles control hot and cold water flow, while the middle handle or knob is the diverter, which sends water to either the tub spout or the shower arm. These valves use a screw-in/screw-out components called “stems.” At the end of these stems, inside the valve itself, are hard, flat rubber washers that are secured to the stem with a screw. These washers press against brass “seats” to control the flow of water. These small washers eventually get brittle and crack, or become indebted to the point where they no longer function properly. When this occurs, it is time for what’s called a rebuild. A less expensive alternative to complete valve replacement, a rebuild involves pulling the stems from the valve, inspecting them, and replacing any faulty parts, usually the washers, screws, and other small pieces. Sometimes, the entire stem needs replacement. This repair generally gives the homeowners years of leak-free use. If this type of repair is not enough to fix the problem, or the valve is very old, complete replacement of the valve is recommended. To accomplish this, access to the valve is required, generally from behind. Normally this involves cutting a small hole in the sheetrock (or whatever is behind the valve), cutting out the old tub and shower valve assembly, and replacing it with a new 3-handle, or in some cases, a single-handle unit. Twin-handle valves function exactly as three-handle units, but only control a showerhead.

Single-handle tub and shower valves are the most popular type of set-up, and function in a simpler and more problem-free manner. Controlled by only one handle, these valves feature brass, plastic, or ceramic cartridges that are built to handle hot and cold water, as well as control flow. Multiple holes in the back of the cartridge allow hot and cold water to pass through and mix. These valves can be of a push-pull/turn type, or simply left/right turn on/off. Applications involving a tub have diverts located directly below the handle, protruding from the trim plate surrounding the knob. While more reliable and less problematic than stem-type valves, single handle cartridges do eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Complete valve replacements are much rarer on single-handle units, being of simpler design and functionality.

All valve repairs come with our 12-month warranty, and in the case of replacements, the manufacturer’s warranty as well. So, if you are ready to give you bathroom a complete makeover, give Ridgeway Plumbing a call. We’ll make sure the plumbing for your bathroom remodel turns out to be what you expected!

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