Plumbing Problems to Watch Out for

Most people wait for a catastrophe to strike before looking for a fix. This is a laid back strategy. But when it comes to plumbing, it’s much better to look for things that are about to go wrong or break and fix them before they do. By fixing minor problems and preventing them from becoming major ones, you’ll save money not just on repairs, but also on collateral damage.

Plumbing Issues to Detect

It’s not always feasible to have a plumber come in once or twice a month to check your plumbing. There are things you can do yourself to ensure the adequacy of your plumbing situation. For starters, you may check the following:

Leaky Faucets

This is a pretty clear and apparent problem, but many people have no issue at all letting a faucet leak for weeks or even months. While it may not seem to be an inconvenience, a leaky faucet is still a plumbing issue that needs to be dealt with.

Even if you’re not annoyed by the sound of trickling water, you’re still probably losing money because of your high water bill. Just put a bucket under the faucet and leave it overnight to see how much money you’re wasting.

Internal Leaks

Leaky pipes are way more serious than leaky faucets. It can take a very long time for enough water to build up behind a wall for you to notice the problem. Hidden water damage can lead to structural damage and mold growth.

If you notice water collecting behind a wall or ceiling, you should call a plumber straight away. Until they get to you, turn off the water valve that’s supplying the leaking pipe to minimize the damage. Turn on the faucets connected to the pipes in order to drain any remaining water in them.

Water Pressure

A lot of things can cause low water pressure. It can be caused by something as meager as sediment in the shower head, or something as serious as a water line issue. The problem might not even be in your house. It might be caused by the pipe from the street leading to your house.

You can test the water pressure in your home by using a residential water pressure gauge kit. Connect it to the water outlet and open the valve. Once the gauge stabilizes, check the reading. If you find the pressure to be below 50 psi or above 75 psi, then you’ll need to call a plumber to come in and take a look.


As pipes age and with persistent physical and chemical irritation, they start to corrode. A corroded pipe is almost always one that needs to be replaced. You can check for corrosion by measuring your water’s copper level and looking for rust. A high water copper level means that there’s some corrosion going on. Rust is another indicator to check.

Don’t wait for a leaky faucet to cost you hundreds in bills or for a corroded pipe to burst or break down before doing anything. A simple plumbing job can fix the problem before it gets worse. Call local plumbers as soon as possible.



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