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How Hard Water Can Lead to Water Line Repair

Hard water is water that contains elements like magnesium and calcium, which are normally filtered out to produce what’s known as “soft water.” Water line repair experts see the damage caused by long-term use of hard water all of the time. These minerals can end up in the water through the soil or [...]

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Water Line Repair: What to Do When a Pipe Bursts

Few things are a greater bane to a homeowner’s existence than a burst pipe. These incidents, while they can happen year-round, are called into water line repair specialists with greater frequency in winter. Water that’s become frozen inside of water lines puts immense pressure on the pipes and without proper winterization techniques, can [...]

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Don’t DIY – Call an Atlanta Plumbing Contractor for Help with These Jobs

In most areas of home improvement, there are certain projects that can be tackled with a bit of research and an ambitious do-it-yourself approach. However, even the most confident of do-it-yourselfers should avoid certain complicated or high-risk tasks, especially where plumbing is concerned. A plumbing contractor should be your go-to resource if any [...]