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Electric water heater repairs

As with most working machines or equipment, over a period of time, there will be signs of wear and tear. When this aspect begins to happen, there are tell-tale symptoms.

Barring a few situations, most hot water heaters can be fixed or restored. 

Repair or replace? We recommend replacing your hot water heater if the machine is over a decade old. Likewise, hot water heater repair is only for those who have installed a water heater that has been used for just a few years.

In general, electric water heaters are good candidates for repair as most spare parts are universal and aren’t very expensive.

At Atlanta Water Heaters, our team can solve most problems in your home. We try to alleviate any inconvenience that may arise due to not having access to hot water inside your home. With our active network of professionals, we will get our best water heater repair technicians at your door to fix the issue right away. All you have to do is call us and explain the problems you are facing.

1- Inner tank leaks 

Symptoms: It’s a homeowner’ worst possible nightmare of finding a water puddle under the water heater. It’s game over for the machine as it is not repairable. 

Solution: The water heater system needs to be replaced all together with a new one. 

2- Thermo pressure relief valve

Symptoms: The job of the pressure relief valve is to let water out of the water heater. Essentially, it’s a safety feature. In a situation where the burner hasn’t switched off when not in use, water inside the tank will get hot and eventually form high pressure steam. Pressure build up in a system without a safety outlet can be explosive.

Solution: The mechanical valve may be stuck inside due to contaminants and will need some manual prodding several times. If in luck, a few prods will ensure its normal functioning and water will not leak anymore. If not, the pressure relief valve may have to be replaced. It’s an easy fix as the component is outside the water heater jacket.

3- Thermostat

Symptoms: In most electric water heaters there are two heating elements that have separate thermostats to control their workings. Thermostats can malfunction or give out wrong readings when the inner bi-metal strips are damaged or corroded. 

If the water inside the heater gets overheated or goes higher than what has been set earlier, it will blow out the single-use thermocouple fuse.

Solution: In most cases, a thermostat replacement is advisable and it’s relatively an easy fix. For better and long lasting results, change both of them together. New single-use thermocouple fuse can also be fitted.

4- Heating element

Symptoms: Applicable to only electric water heaters, the heating element can corrode over time and malfunction. A defective heating element means no hot water being produced. 

Solution: Heating elements can be replaced easily and it is strongly recommended to change both if your system has two of them (upper and lower). This will save the agony of having to call out a technician again!

5- Hot water leaks

Symptoms: A loose connection of the hot or cold water lines and would be seen as leaking from the top of the machine.

Solution: This is a plumbing job that can be addressed easily. In the worst case, the faucet or mixer tap may have to be replaced. 

6- Less hot water output

Symptoms: In older water heaters, sediment build-up inside the tank 

begins to impact its performance. It is estimated that on average towards the end of the life (around 10 years) these machines lose about 10% efficiency annually. This means it will cost the consumer double in energy charges.

Solution: A replacement is highly recommended for efficiency.

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