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Clogged Drain? Call One of the Most Trusted Local Plumbers

Unclogging drains is one of the most common services offered by local plumbers. Whether it’s draining slowly or your drains are blocked completely, experienced plumbers can help you.

What should you avoid when you have clogged drains?

Using harsh chemicals is probably the worst you can do when dealing with clogged drains. Chemicals may unclog drains but they may also cause corrosion of pipes, slowly ruining your plumbing system.

When to call local plumbers? 

The cost of drain services varies widely because it depends on the cause, the fixtures affected, and what local plumbers need to do to unclog blocked drains. A single fixture, your sink or shower, may not be functioning as it should because its trap might be blocked.

If two or more fixtures show a problem, it may be due to blocked pipes. This requires tools that may not be readily available in your household, so calling a plumber may be the more affordable solution.

How do plumbers assess and clean drains?

Blocked drains can usually be unclogged with a cable auger, which is commonly called snake. Drain cabling is the most common, and the most affordable, way to clean drains, but we use it only for simple drain problems.

Some blocked drains can be cleared by removing or replacing parts of your plumbing system. We recommend this when we think that the problem will just recur because of faulty fixtures. With our years of experience in the industry, we have seen homes that still had galvanized steel pipes. These pipes need to be replaced because their zinc coating tends to break down, and this does not only block the drains but also causes lead contamination.

Replacing plumbing parts will take longer than simple cabling. It can also be more expensive than using a snake, but rest assured that we can give you the most affordable options and the best brands.

A more expensive solution for major drain clogs is water blasting, and we use this when the clog can’t be reached by the cable auger. We use pressurized water to clear a blocked drain. However, this technique can’t be used all the time. It still depends on what’s blocking the pipes.

Sometimes, a clogged drain might not be as simple as it seems. When it’s not clear what is blocking the pipes between your plumbing fixtures and the main sewer line, we might need to do a camera inspection. This is usually needed when the blockage is near the main sewer line.

Affordable Plumbing Services

When any of your plumbing fixtures show signs of blocked drains, see if it can be fixed with the use of a plunger. If that didn’t work, call us for emergency plumbing services. Our experienced local plumbers have years of experience as well as the necessary tools to assess the problem. Whether the blockage is just below your sink or near the main sewer line, we’ll find it. Our team will let you know whether your clogged drain can be cleared through cabling or blasting water into the pipes. If you have old pipes that can cause a bigger problem in the long run, we can also replace them.

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