Ask a Plumber: How Can I Keep My Garbage Disposal Operating Perfectly?

If there’s one thing that a plumber will see often throughout the course of his career, it will be garbage disposals that are in need of repair. A lot can go wrong with the garbage disposal, prompting any number of techniques to assess and manage the problem. To avoid having problems in the first place, some routine maintenance and care are in order.

How can you provide the best care to your garbage disposal, thus avoiding costly garbage disposal repair costs? Read on to find out!

Strictly Use Cold Water

Running cold water through the garbage disposal helps keep it clean and flush out any debris that remains from the grinding of food products. Even the most inexperienced plumber will tell you just how important it is to run cold water through the disposal for at least 15 seconds after you are done grinding down food. This can help save you tremendous headaches that come with clogged or otherwise damaged garbage disposals. You can use hot water when the disposal is not in use but should avoid hot water when it’s grinding food.

Snake the Line Every Now and Then

Once every year or two, it is good practice to use a plumber’s snake to clean out the water line that’s connected to your garbage disposal. After all, the disposal only works as well as the line serving it allows. This will clear the path of any small blockages that could become larger over time.

Know What Your Garbage Disposal Can Handle

There are many things that the garbage disposal can handle for you, but there are many things that it cannot. Things that you shouldn’t put down the disposal include:

  • Grease
  • Fat
  • Vegetable and fruit peels
  • Seeds and fruit pits
  • Harsh cleaning agents and de-clogging agents

Putting these items down your garbage disposal can cause problems from the first time. If you are worried about keeping your garbage disposal clean, use a cleaner that’s designed specifically for this purpose.

If you feel that you absolutely need to grind down some fruit and veggie peels, then make sure to chop them up into small segments before doing so. Then, slowly add them to the disposal while a steady stream of cold water goes down the drain. This will minimize the risk of the peels causing damage to your garbage disposal. In short, simply stick with what you know can be ground down in your disposal safely or ask your plumber if you aren’t sure.

Avoid Frequent Plumber Bills by Acting with Care

If you want to keep your garbage disposal in tip-top shape, then it’s important for you to follow the advice outlined above. It can also do you some good to discuss garbage disposal maintenance and care with a local plumber. They know their stuff and can help you prevent issues from coming up in the first place.

Also, don’t be surprised if your garbage disposal still needs some maintenance despite how well you care for it. Routine maintenance by a professional plumber is never a bad idea, anyway.



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