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Plumbing Math Volume Help

Math is a big part of many service trades and plumbing is no exception. Math will come in handy when a plumber is troubleshooting water pipes or plumbing fixtures and appliances. Algebra and geometry are both valuable math expertise for a plumber to have. Having these math skills will help a plumber to familiarize him or her with the layout of a job. They can also come in handy when it comes to measuring. Here are some guides that plumbing companies are providing pertaining to plumbing math volume help:

When finding the volume of a rectangular tank:

V = volume

L = length

H = height

W = width

Formula V = L x W x H

When finding the volume of a cylindrical tank:

V = volume

D = diameter

L = length


V = D x D x 0.7854 x L or V = ∏R2L

When finding the volume of an elliptical tank:

V = volume

L = length

W = width

H = height


V = H x W x 0.7854 x L

When finding the volume of a spherical tank:

V = volume

D3 = diameter cube

Our plumbing company provides local plumbers that can help in determining plumbing math pipe size. It is important that you go with a specific measurement to avoid any future problems. Here are some formulas that will help:

Simple pipe size ratio

D2 – diameter of larger pipe squared

d2 – diameter of smaller pipe squared

N – number of smaller pipes

N = D2 ÷ d2

Plumbing Jumper Offsets Math Help

Our plumbing contractors provide information on a jumper offset within a plumbing  system that utilizes a set of fittings that go around, like as a tank for example. Utilizing simple math and constants, you will be able to find the needed lengths of each pipe within the offset, illustrated below:

  1. To find the estimation the long side) multiple a short side by 1.414
  2. To find a short side when the estimation is known, multiply it by 0.707

An example below of a Jumper offset:

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